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Lane Coburn and Associates Recommendations

The largest datacenter providers on earth trust Lane Coburn with there critical environment.

"Lane Coburn and Associates, LLC are extremely knowledgeable. They were able to explain the total procedure and ramifications of the Neher McGrath calculations we required for our power distribution design on our Bus charger project. They were quite helpful in answering all of our questions and issues that have occurred during construction. We would completely recommend them for your projects." Jul. 2020

Alex Farekas PE AAA Engineering Ltd.

"Keith is a great professional. Not only is his knowledge unmatched as an electrical engineer, but his organization skills are something we should all strive to achieve. Keith helped me with a very complex litigation matter, and was able to explain electrical engineering to me, as it related to a very technical environment. Keith is patient, well organized, knowledgeable, efficient, and responsive. Keith also puts together very easy to understand diagrams, and presentations, that can be used for any type of legal matter." May 5, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Alexander Yoffe - Partner @ Yoffe & Cooper, LLP hired Keith as a Expert in electrical engineering, litigation in 2011

"This is a letter of reference regarding my experience in doing business with Lane Coburn & Associates (LCA). I personally have been dealing with LCA since 2008-2009 when LCA was added to our contract team for US Army Corps of Engineers Indefinite Quantity-Indefinite Delivery contracts that have been held over the past couple of years. My primary contact has been with Bill Waldrop, although I have worked with others from LCA over the years. However, it did not matter who I dealt with as they were always professional and courteous. Whenever Keith Lane contacted BergerABAM with inquiries regarding payment of invoices, he was always polite and well-mannered. We have worked with LCA for over five years and will continue to work with them well into the future. You may direct any questions or references to me at 206-431-2318." Aug 2014

Sincerely, Elise Hanson, PE, LEED AP, Assoc. DBIA Project Manager

"Lane Coburn & Associates was hired to do the electrical engineering for a large data center project on which I was the owner's representative. Keith took the lead on the project and from the beginning did an excellent job of balancing cost and quality to achieve the highest value of designed systems for the client. Keith consistently considers new and alternative approaches to systems and brings new, creative solutions to the table. He is a leader in his field and I would be pleased to work with him in the future." December 9, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Terry Rennaker, Owner of Rennaker Company LLC - Hired Lane Coburn & Associates as an Electrical Engineer in 2008

"I recently worked with Keith on two data center projects (one in the pre-planning stage and one in construction). He is a very detail oriented electrical engineer who is a pleasure to work with. He is very code savvy and a true team player. I hope to work with Keith again in the near future."

December 29, 2008 Michael Frank, P.E., Senior Engineer, McKinstry.

"Rock Electric Inc. has worked with Lane Coburn and Associates on assorted projects throughout the San Diego, California. I have personally known Scott Coburn for over 20 years and he has never failed to exceed my expectations. The Lane Coburn system of engineering produces exceptionally high quality and extremely buildable project documentation saving me countless man hours of in the field. "

August17, 2010 Rock Conaty, President Rock Electric, Inc.

"Dear Keith, Tactical Vs. Technical set the tone for the referenced project. It is all too common to rely on the field crews to initiate rigging and cable pulling techniques for a large project. However, LCa staff proved that your firm works beyond just electrical technical knowledge. At my clients request LCa provided "Tactical" calculations for installing over 5000 feet of medium voltage cable weighing 12 pounds per foot. The weight and lengths of these cables required precise cable pulling calculations to assure that ropes, cables and sheaves would meet the tensions and pressures during the installation process. In addition, LCa staff designed "Sheave Placements" for use by the Linemen during the installation. The engineering work by LCa was incorporated into the "Work Plan" that was written by Salish Group to provide a safe and professional installation of the 15KV cables. Previous work was halted for two months due to three near fatalities occurring in a very short duration prior to Salish Group becoming the construction management team on the project. With Lane Coburn's tactical approach to solving the aforementioned issues the project was completed on time and the client conceded that they were not certain the work could have been completed without proper engineering assistance. I look forward to working with you again!"

October 26th, 2009 Jim Long, Owner of Salish Group Construction Services - Hired Lane Coburn & Associates for the electrical engineering on the 11.95 KV Switch yard – 15KV Cable Replacements at Grand Coulee Dam.

"I work with Keith on a very complicated mixed-use Seattle condominium project which included residential, retail and hotel components. Keith was able to take the divergent requirements of each component and weave those requirements in to a cohesive, constructible, cost effective electrical system design. Keith's attention to detail and finger-tip knowledge of electrical codes made him an invaluable member of the design team. Keith's innovative approach to electrical system design incorporates new, cutting-edge technology solutions in balance with cost objectives. Keith is a leader in his field and I look forward to future opportunities to work with him."

February 11, 2009 Jim Alekson, President & CEO, Alekson Development Group

" BergerABAM has worked with Bill Waldrop and his team at Lane Coburn and associates on several projects with the USACE provide power and communication design. Bill Waldrop and his team continue to demonstrate knowledge, experience and understanding of customer requirements and regulations. Bill is responsive, detail oriented, thorough and continues to delivery high quality designs that meet clients needs and expectations."

Aug. 27 2010 Ruba Zumut, PE. Senior Project Manager BergerABAM

"I have worked with Keith and his team at Lane Coburn & Associates on a number of mission critical projects. LCA has always performed at a very high level. Keith and team have a deep grasp of the issues involved in the design and operation of mission critical environments. In addition LCA has assisted CPSI in forensics analysis, failure analysis and pear review of complex existing and critically operating data centers and industrial facilities. I highly recommend LCA on you next mission critical project."

John Dwyer – President – CPSI – Computer Power & Service - 9/05/10

VECA Electric and Technologies would like to say thank you for the dedication and extreme knowledge LCA brings to the table. Your exceptional performance shines through time and time again. We appreciate you as a valuable team member and look forward to many more successful projects together. Thanks again for the great job you do.

Terry McCabe - Project Manager VECA Electric

“I have known Keith professionally and personally for many years. The best recommendation I can give is he's never let me down. Keith's knowledge of electrical systems is beyond the ordinary, adding tremendous value to every project he has been a part of for me. I would recommend Keith and LCA without hesitation to anyone looking for a real partner for their project.” February 4, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert

TJ Porter, hired Lane Coburn as a Electrical Consultant in 1999, and hired Lane Coburn more than once

“I have worked on many commercial projects with Keith since he was a designer at Sasco Electric in the late 90's. Keith is a creative electrical engineer that specialize in understanding the latest trends in data center design, but also has an eye for budget control. He has been a great partner on many design build projects.”

Jack Beaudoin, General Manager, Turner Construction - March 31, 2011

"Lane Coburn and Associates have been a good partner during our initial design and construction phase. Keith and company have been very responsive turning information and designs very quickly. Keith and company are very active in ensuring they work together with the customer, they drive results and chase all components of a design build. I highly recommend using Lane Coburn Associates if you require fast turn around of solid designs, with good communications with the end customer"

Sept. 7, 2010 Oz Morales Director, Data Center Engineering Amazon.com

“Sabey Corporation was introduced to Keith and the Lane Coburn team by an electrical contractor interviewing on one of our data center projects. Keith’s technical skills and familiarity with leading edge data center technology was readily apparent, but even more impressive was Keith's ability to convey his expertise and ideas at the level of the listening audience. Subsequently, we entered into a partnership agreement with Lane Coburn and the results have been a number of successful projects. We consider ourselves to have a distinct advantage over our competition in having Keith, Scott Coburn and the entire Lane-Coburn team contributing to our Design-Build services.”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time

Dale Spencer, Director of Construction, Sabey Construction - February 14, 2011

"Sequoyah Electric has worked with Lane Coburn and Associates on various projects throughout the Seattle, Washington area which have proven to be very successful for all parties involved. The engineering Team that Keith Lane and Scott Coburn developed has proven to be excellent in their knowledge of the Industry and proactive in design creativity along with understanding budget constraints. We feel that the Lane Coburn Team always brings to us their refined skills and insights to a project which eliminates conundrums and positions a project for success. Lane Coburn and Associates will continue to be a instrumental part of our business and future growth throughout the Washington area."

February 17, 2009 Jeff Casino, Sequoyah Electric Pre-construction Manager

"Keith's dedication to constant improvement and knowledge growth ensures that his design incorporates all of the latest innovations and ideas." December 16, 2008 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.

Tom Williams, Sr. Project Manager SASCO - Hired Lane Coburn & Associates as an Engineer in 2008/2009.

"Keith is an outstanding engineer and has a very strong work ethic. We worked together for several years for a consulting engineering firm. We have also worked on some of the same projects at my current position. I highly recommend Keith and his firm for all types of electrical engineering." December 14, 2008 Gary Mullin, P.E., Electrical Engineer, Port of Seattle. Worked directly with Keith at Lane Coburn & Associates, LLC. Sequoyah Electric, LLC has had the pleasure of teaming with LCA on several projects including campus wide office buildings and mission critical facilities. As a key team member, their innovation and insightfulness has played a very important role within our collaborative Design-Build team. LCA has a strong track record of going above and beyond to exceed client expectations. Their understanding of construction issues makes them uniquely qualified Electrical Engineers for Design-Build projects. I highly recommend LCA for your next project.

Aug 24, 2010 Mahmood Ghassemi P.E. Vice President of Sequoyah Electric.

“Silent-Aire has worked with Keith Lane and Lane Coburn & Associates on a number of mission critical projects. LCA has always proven to go the extra mile to meet or exceed the expectations of the client. LCA and Silent-Aire work in tandem to provide continued design innovation to ensure the most cost effective and efficient design. LCA has always been a key member of the team, their insight and innovation through the design and construction has helped to ensure successful projects. I highly recommend LCA for your next project.”

Aug. 30, 2010 Lindsey D. Leckelt P.Eng. - Director of Marketing and Engineering – Silent Aire

"Sabey Construction is working with Keith Lane and Lane Coburn & Associates on a large, complex, very reliable data center in Eastern Washington. This project is also on a very fast track schedule. LCA has proven to go the extra mile to meet or exceed the expectations of the client. LCA understands the complex issues related to the design and build of today's reliable, scalable and efficient data centers. Keith and his team have taken the design to the extra step and is working hand in hand with VECA to create detailed 2D and 3D drawings as well as animated flyovers of the contained hot aisles to ensure proper coordination with all the trades. I highly recommend LCA for your next project."

Doug Gardner – Sr. Project Manager Sabey Construction Inc. – 8/30/10

"I have worked with Keith starting in 2000 on a major project where I was the owners rep. Keith's knowledge and professionalism as well as his dedication to quality and attention to details contributed significantly to the success of the project and the facility's success. I have also worked with Keith during my time with Walt Disney on several issues in a data center I inherited. In all cases, Keith was able to provide detailed information that led to solutions. I would highly recomend Keith for any Mission Critical design and implementation project.

Bill Hunter. Data Center Architect, EIT, Critical Facilities at The Walt Disney Company